Skeletal Formula - Benzene Rings

Benzene Rings

Benzene rings are common in organic compounds. To represent the delocalization of electrons over the six carbon atoms in the ring, a circle is drawn inside the hexagon of single bonds. This style is very common in introductory organic chemistry texts used in schools.

An alternative style that is more common in academia is the Kekulé structure. Although it could be considered inaccurate as it implies three single bonds and three double bonds (benzene would therefore be cyclohexa-1,3,5-triene), all qualified chemists are fully aware of the delocalization in benzene. Kekulé structures are useful for drawing reaction mechanisms clearly.

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... The compound in which a benzene ring is fused to arsole — typically on the carbon atoms 3 and 4 — is known as benzarsole ... Irene Hantzsch-Widman nomenclature for a monocyclic, heterocyclic compound with three ring atoms ... that looks like a ladder because it contains two or more fused rings of cyclobutane ...
... aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consisting of four fused benzene rings ... meaning its structure is composed only of full benzene rings interconnected by carbon-carbon single bonds ... The three benzene rings can be drawn as the three outer rings, with the central ring formed by one face of each and the three carbon-carbon single bonds ...

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