Sisters Adorers of The Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest

The Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest is a religious community of consecrated women in the Roman Catholic Church, associated with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

They were founded in June 2004, under the authority of Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, at that time the Archbishop of Florence. He himself bestowed the religious habit upon the first three candidates. Their current canonical status is that of a Pious Association of the Faithful.

The Sisters are based in Gricigliano, in the Province of Florence, Italy, along with the Institute. Their way of life is that of a non-cloistered contemplative. They have as the community's three patron saints St Francis de Sales, St. Benedict and St. Thomas Aquinas. They derive various aspects of their spirituality from these three traditions. The community participates in Mass and the Divine Office using the Traditional Latin Rite.

The Sisters' religious formation is based on the teachings of Thomas Aquinas.

The Latin motto of the institute is In Corde Regis (In the heart of the King).

The first three Sisters were invested with their habit in June 2004, with postulants joining the community in 2005, mostly from France and the United States.

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