Sister Pete - Season 5

Season 5

When Cyril's attorney reports that his unruly behavior is disrupting the proceedings, Sister Pete gives Cyril a hand puppet to help him cope. She aligns herself with Father Meehan (Malachy McCourt), Suzanne Fitzgerald, and Cyril's attorney, to pressure the state to overturn the death penalty. She believes Cyril's actions although violent are caused of his diminished mental capacity and he's not completely responsible. During a session Schibetta reveals that he was raped by three men. Sister Pete recommends he talk with Dr. Nathan to help him deal with his attack. At a later time, Sister Pete met with Adam Guenzel, a new inmate who is now completely under Schillinger's control. Her attempts to get information from Adam are to no avail, as he is too afraid of Schillinger's wrath to tell anyone about the abuse he suffers. She decides to ask the three inmates she knows have insight: Beecher, Said and Schillinger. When she asks them to speak up on anything they may know about Guenzel's case, none of them responds. Angry and frustrated, she dismisses them and refuses to see any of them for future sessions.

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