Sister Pete - Season 4

Season 4

Sister Pete decides to leave and asks for resignation papers to be drawn up for her. Cardinal Abgot visits Oz and has a conversation with her about her plans. He informs her that the decision is ultimately hers but that her feelings are not out of the ordinary. When Nat Ginzburg's condition worsens, he asks Sister Pete to request his execution be moved up. Sister Pete convinces Glynn to approve the request however, when the warden and COs' come to take Nat, they find that he's already died peacefully in his sleep. Remembering his last request to her, Sister Pete promptly sits down and proceeds to finish polishing Nat's nails. Sister Pete continues her refusal to treat Keller in group or individual sessions. Her trust in Keller has been shattered and she refuses to change her mind. She finally convinces Dr. Nathan to participate in the victim/offender program with brothers Ryan and Cyril O'Reily. The session ends abruptly. While sitting at her desk contemplating the session she tears the resignation papers to shreds and decides to stay.

Sister Pete continues her victim offender program. This time, her subjects become Beecher and Schillinger and she becomes puzzled when Schillinger begins quoting bible passages and claiming that he wants nothing but peace and happiness in his life. She also takes up William Giles's cause to be stoned to death for killing Bevilaqua only the Governor wants him executed by traditional means. The press gets a hold of the story and a petition is sent on Giles' behalf, ultimately causing his sentence to be overturned, about which Sister Pete is happy.

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