Sister Chromatid

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Cohesin - Function
... It is used to keep the sister chromatids connected with each other during metaphase ensuring that during mitosis (and meiosis), each sister chromatid segregates to opposite poles ... Without cohesin, the cell would be unable to control sister chromatid segregation since there would be no way of ensuring whether the spindle fiber attached on each sister chromatid is from a different ...
Kinetochore Function - Verification of Kinetochore-MT Anchoring
... At the end of this process, each chromosome includes two sister chromatids, which are two complete and identical DNA molecules ... Both chromatids remain associated by cohesin complexes until anaphase, when chromosome segregation occurs ... happens correctly, each daughter cell receives a complete set of chromatids, and for this to happen each sister chromatid has to anchor (through the ...

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