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Hertford (UK Parliament Constituency) - Members of Parliament - Hertford Borough (1298-1885) - 1640-1868
... party April 1640 Viscount Cranborne Parliamentarian Sir Thomas Fanshawe Royalist November 1640 November 1643 Fanshawe disabled from sitting - seat vacant 1645 William Leman December 1648 Cranborne not ... Cowper Whig Nicolson Calvert Whig 1817 Viscount Cranborne Tory 1823 Thomas Byron 1826 Thomas Slingsby Duncombe Radical 1830 Viscount Ingestrie Tory 1831 John Currie Whig 1832 Viscount Ingestrie Conservative ... William Francis Cowper Whig Viscount Mahon Conservative 1852 Thomas Chambers Whig 1857 Sir Walter Minto Townshend-Farquhar Conservative 1859 Liberal 1866 Robert Dimsdale ...
Thomas Kyd
... Thomas Kyd (baptised 6 November 1558 buried 15 August 1594) was an English dramatist, the author of The Spanish Tragedy, and one of the most important figures in ... own time, Kyd fell into obscurity until 1773 when Thomas Hawkins (an early editor of The Spanish Tragedy) discovered that Kyd was named as its author by Thomas Heywood in his Apologie ...
Thomas The Rhymer - Ballads
... Musicologists have traced the ballad, "Thomas the Rhymer", back at least as far as the 13th century ... Several different variants of the ballad of Thomas the Rhymer exist, most having the same basic theme ... They tell how Thomas either kissed, had sex, or slept with the Queen of Elfland and rode with her or was otherwise transported to Fairyland ...
Thomas The Rhymer - Music Adapation
... Recent versions of the "Thomas the Rhymer" ballad include renditions by the electric folk act Steeleye Span which recorded two different versions for their 1974 album Now We Are Six' and another for ... The English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams left an opera by the title of Thomas the Rhymer incomplete at the time of his death in 1958 ... Ursula Vaughan Williams, and it was based upon the ballads of Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin ...
The Star Beast - Editions
... In this chapter, John Thomas rereads the entries in his great-grandfather's diary of how Lummox was found ... John Thomas knew why.. ... The rest of the page summarizes John Thomas' grandfather's family history, discussing the first John Thomas Stuart, who had retired as a sea captain ...

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    Burn Ovid with the rest. Lovers will find
    A hedge-school for themselves and learn by heart
    All that the clergy banish from the mind,
    —Austin Clarke (1896–1974)

    When the critics come around it’s always too late.
    Sidney, Sir Nolan (1917–1992)

    Too proud to die; broken and blind he died
    The darkest way, and did not turn away,
    A cold kind man brave in his narrow pride
    On that darkest day.
    —Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)