Sir John Sherbrooke (Halifax)

Sir John Sherbrooke (Halifax)

Sir John Sherbrooke was a successful and famous Nova Scotian privateer brig during the War of 1812, the largest privateer from Atlantic Canada during the war. In addition to preying on American merchant ships (she captured 18 between her commissioning on 11 February 1813 and her conversion to a merchant vessel in 1814), she also defended Nova Scotian waters during the war. After her conversion to a merchantman she fell prey to an American privateer in 1814. She was burnt to prevent her reuse.

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Sir John Sherbrooke (Halifax) - Other Information
... SirJohn Sherbrookewas not as famous as her smaller and more successful counterpart, the schooner Liverpool Packet ... However some believe that SirJohn Sherbrookeinspired the line "I wish I was in Sherbrookenow", from the Stan Rogers song "Barrett's Privateers", because the town of Sherbrooke ... The Sherbrookealso significantly postdates the American Revolution as it was commissioned only two years before the town, a full 35 years after the song's setting ...

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