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Sinestro is in the Guardians' room with the Guardians, angry that he has Hal Jordan's Power Ring. The Guardians feel the ring 'wishes' to redeem him. He leaves and finds Hal Jordan and tells him do as he commands to get his ring back.

The Sinestro Corps decides to kill Sinestro for 'betrayal', and he tells his former group they have forsaken his code of conduct and asks for Hal's help to kill the Corps by flying into their Power Battery's core and destroying it. Hal does and is hurt while accusing the regretful Sinestro of treachery.

Hal and Sinestro are imprisoned with Korugarians when Hal suggests using the ring's abilities to make duplicate rings for everyone so the prisoners can escape as well, but they attack their former leader instead before turning on the Corps while Hal and Sinestro escape.

Sinestro returns Hal to Earth with a powerless ring and witnesses the prophecy of the Guardians' plans for a 'Third Army' and returns to get Hal from Earth and is captured by the Indigo Tribe, who let him go after their Power Battery is destroyed and Hal says he can help Sinestro atone without an Indigo Ring.

The two are drawn to the once again evil Black Hand, whose corpse army is destroyed by detonating Sinestro's yellow power battery. The Guardians imply they are willed Hal's ring to 'claim' Sinestro to undermine all the other corps, especially his own.

Black Hand regains the upper hand and buries Sinestro and Hal alive, until they break out and the Guardians arrive and command Black Hand to kill them. As their life is draining away, Hal and Sinestro fuse their rings together with an unknown message and get trapped in a mysterious realm surrounded by darkness.

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