Simple Ko Rule

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Rules Of Go - Variations - Repetition
... The major division in rules to prevent repetition is between the simple ko rule and the super ko rule the simple ko rule (typically part of the Japanese ruleset) prevents repetition of the last ... In both cases, the rule does not however prohibit passing ... The super ko rule is differentiated into situational super ko (SSK, in which the "position" that cannot be recreated includes knowledge of whose turn it is) and positional super ko (PSK, which ignores whose turn it ...

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    All propaganda or popularization involves a putting of the complex into the simple, but such a move is instantly deconstructive. For if the complex can be put into the simple, then it cannot be as complex as it seemed in the first place; and if the simple can be an adequate medium of such complexity, then it cannot after all be as simple as all that.
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