Silvio Gesell

Silvio Gesell (March 17, 1862 – March 11, 1930) was a German merchant, theoretical economist, social activist, anarchist and founder of Freiwirtschaft.

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Gustav Landauer - Monetary and Economic Philosophy
... He basically refers to ideas of the economist Silvio Gesell ... In "Aufruf zum Sozialismus" (Call to Socialism) he writes Therefore the proposals of Silvio Gesell to find a kind of money which, unlike today, does not gain in value but ... According to Landauer, Silvio Gesell is one of the very few who learned from Pierre Joseph Proudhon ...
Silvio Gesell - Opinions About Gesell
... Some opinions about Gesell Free money may turn out to be the best regulator of the velocity of circulation of money, which is the most confusing element in the ... I am a humble servant of the merchant Gesell ... Irving Fisher, economist at Yale University New Haven/USA Gesell's chiefwork is written in cool and scientific terms, although it is run through by a more passionate and charged devotion to social justice ...

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    Every generation rediscovers and re-evaluates the meaning of infancy and childhood.
    —Arnold Gesell (20th century)

    A girl? Hey, that’s better in a way. A boy needs more from a father.
    Margaret Forster, British screenwriter, Peter Nichols, and Silvio Narizzano. Jos (Alan Bates)