Silva Gallinaria

Silva Gallinaria

The Silva Gallinaria is a rich thicket characterized by evergreen trees and shrubs typical of the Macchia Mediterranea, which grows naturally on a sandy and devoid of water. The most common tree that reigns unchallenged is the Quercus Ilex called also Holm Oak. This kind of jungle resumed the general characteristics of the Mediterranean Evergreen Forest but is distinguished for being contextualized in the Campania territory, specifically inside the area and Cuma Licola, and the historical baggage that inherits the early settlers of this coast: the Greeks, who founded the city of Cuma, which today form a fascinating acropolis.

The Gallinaria Silva, after the dissolution of the National Opera for Comabattenti today is part of the natural reserve park of the Regional Flegrei Field on the coast of Licola - Cuma, in the Campania Region.

For his interesting natural and historical heritage can be made educational tours organized by NPO in the territory. Another company that manages the urban transport by bus is the CTP.

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