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Kervaire Invariant

When is twice an odd integer (singly even), the same construction gives rise to an antisymmetric bilinear form. Such forms do not have a signature invariant; if they are non-degenerate, any two such forms are equivalent. However, if one takes a quadratic refinement of the form, which occurs if one has a framed manifold, then the resulting ε-quadratic forms need not be equivalent, being distinguished by the Arf invariant. The resulting invariant of a manifold is called the Kervaire invariant.

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... This is an isomorphism unless n is of the form 2k−2, in which case the image has index 1 or 2 (Kervaire Milnor 1963) ... The Kervaire invariant problem, about the existence of manifolds of Kervaire invariant 1 in dimensions 2k − 2 can be reduced to a question about stable homotopy groups of ... knowledge of stable homotopy groups of degree up to 48 has been used to settle the Kervaire invariant problem in dimension 26 − 2 = 62 (Barratt, Jones ...
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