Signals and Slots - Alternative Implementations

Alternative Implementations

There are some implementations of signal/slot systems based on C++ templates, which don't require the extra Meta Object Compiler, as used by Qt, such as libsigc++, sigslot, nano-signal-slot, neosigslot, Signals, boost.signals, Cpp::Events, Platinum and JBroadcaster. CLI languages such as C# also supports a similar construct although with a different terminology and syntax: events play the role of signals, and delegates are the slots. Another implementation of signals exists for ActionScript 3.0, inspired by C# events and signals/slots in Qt. Additionally, a delegate can be a local variable, much like a function pointer, while a slot in Qt must be a class member declared as such. Due to the language limitation, there isn't a common implementation for ANSI C, but an environment dependent method was given out, see c-sigslot, it has been tested on several platforms, notably the ARM C Compiler, but should support any standard ANSI C compiler. The C based GObject system also provides similar functionality via GSignal.

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