Siege of Smolensk (1632–1633)

Siege Of Smolensk (1632–1633)

The Siege of Smolensk lasted almost a year between 1632 and 1633, when the Muscovite army besieged the Polish-Lithuanian city of Smolensk during the war named after that siege. Muscovite forces of over 25,000 under Mikhail Borisovich Shein begun the siege of Smolensk on 28 October. Polish garrison under Samuel Drucki-Sokoliński numbered about 3,000. The fortress held for nearly a year, and in 1633 the newly elected Polish king Władysław IV organised a relief force. In a series of fierce engagements, Commonwealth forces gradually overran the Russian field fortifications, and by 4 October the siege had broken. Shein had become besieged in his camp, and began surrender negotiations in January 1634, capitulating around 1 March.

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Siege Of Smolensk (1632–1633) - Aftermath
... After the victory at Smolensk the Commonwealth army moved towards Biała, arriving in its vicinity in late March, but the siegewas not successful ...

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