Sidcup Art College

Sidcup Art College was an art college in Sidcup, London Borough of Bexley an outer suburb of Greater London, England.

One of the college's most famous students was Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. In 1961, while attending the college, Richards became reacquainted with his primary-school friend Mick Jagger, then a student at the London School of Economics: they met by chance on a train and found they shared an interest in blues music. An early line-up of The Rolling Stones, including Jagger, Richards, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart ("Stu"), Ricky Fenson and Tony Chapman, played at Sidcup Art College on 12 December 1962.

The Pretty Things, one of Britain's early R&B bands, was formed at the College in September 1963. One of the founding members was Dick Taylor, a former bassist with the Rolling Stones, who was a Sidcup Art College student.

The College was demolished to make way for a large modern supermarket.

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