Sid Station - Different Models of SidStations

Different Models of SidStations

Besides the standard grey model of SidStation, two other models exist. The beta models of SidStations used by Elektron and their beta testers had a shining red color. Around twelve red units were made and approximately half of them were sold to early customers and beta-test partners. Some of these partners sold their units at a later time giving a handful of metallic red SidStations being owned by private people. Besides the color, these beta machines had a slightly more aggressive character due to some voltages running higher in the filter section, as well as certain beta-testing modes and the ability to upgrade the firmware to a greater extent.

Elektron also sold fifty black SidStation units, which had black aluminum casing and blue LEDs, contrary to the original green ones, called the Ninja Edition. This model also came with a different set of sound patches. There is also a blue SidStation that was made as a one off, by Elektron, for a walk in customer that just happened to see the blue shell sitting unused on the shelf .

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