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Sick Girl is the story of Izzy Shea (Leslie Andrews), a girl who wants to protect her younger brother, have sex with her older brother and torture everyone else out in the barn.

Izzy is raising her younger brother, Kevin, by herself. Their parents are deceased and her older brother, Rusty, is away in the Marines. When Izzy learns that her little brother is being bullied at school, she does what any unstable, psychopathic, homicidal sister would do.

The movie starts out with Izzy waiting for the school bus. In the back are two popular girls who make several snide remarks about her. One of the girl's boyfriend is following the bus route in his car with his friend. The girls drop a pair of panties out the window, and if her boyfriend finds them, he'll be rewarded.

After Izzy attacks one of the nuns on the bus for seemingly no reason, she's kicked off and begins to walk back along the road. She runs into the two boys, and lures the friend out of the car. She kills him, and the other boy quickly discovers the scene. Izzy chases him across a field and tackles him.

The scene ends, and now we see Izzy cleaning herself up in a bathroom. She is covered in blood and is completely unfazed by this. Clips are shown of Izzy finding a gun in the boys' car, and her holding the school bus hostage, seemingly killing everyone. She chases the two popular girls off the bus, and with the gun and a can of gasoline, she quickly catches one of the girls. The other watches in horror as Izzy kills her friend.

Izzy returns home, and we see a flashback sequence of Rusty training Izzy how to fight in their garage. The two share a moment of sibling fondness, but it is cut short by the arrival of Rusty's girlfriend.

The flashback sequence ends, and Izzy finds their family friend, Barnie, teaching Kevin how to throw a punch. Izzy soon learns the motives behind the lesson: Barn saw some school bullies hassling Kevin after school. Izzy decides she'll try to help defend her brother, but Kevin brushes her off, saying he can handle it himself. He then asks why Rusty hasn't called, pointing out that another kid's father is stationed where Rusty is, and he calls all the time. Izzy gets really mad and screams at Kevin, saying that Rusty is the greatest Marine to ever live. Kevin is shocked by her reaction, but quickly recovers.

With another flashback, we see Rusty informing Izzy he's joining the Marines, leaving her to watch Kevin. Izzy kisses him, and Rusty walks away, shocked.

Back in present times, she opens the trunk of the car she stole from the two boys. In the back are the boyfriend and the other school girl. Both are bound and gagged (and the girl with her panties that she had dropped from the bus), but the boy looks unconscious or dead. The girl begs for release, but Izzy only taunts her, showing no remorse.

Kevin and Barn talk in a restaurant, and Kevin reveals that his teacher's rat, Edward, has gone missing. The teacher asks his students to please return the rat, no questions asked. After school, Tommy—the bully—and his two minions corner Kevin. They have been starving Edward, and plan on letting Edward feed on Kevin—whether their motives are real or not is interrupted by Izzy. The three bullies run off, and Izzy promises to take Edward back to the teacher. Kevin thanks her, and hurries off to his ride home with Barn. Izzy does not return the rat, but goes to the teacher anyway. There, she threatens him, saying that he better take better care of Kevin than he did the rat.

As one of Tommy's friends is walking home, Izzy drives up alongside him and begins to question him. It is revealed that Tommy is in the trunk of the car, and Izzy kidnaps Rudi after her interrogation. The other friend, Corey, is kidnapped by Izzy from his house, and the three are taken to the shore of a nearby lake. She torments Tommy, saying that he'll only beat up those who are weaker than he is, which is only okay if you also take on things bigger than you. That being said, Tommy drowns Rudi in the lake after Izzy's encouragement. After Rudi dies, Tommy is then told to kill Corey by slitting his throat. Corey protests, and Tommy stabs him in the back.

Izzy is holding her three hostages—the school girl and her boyfriend, and Tommy—in the barn, as well as Edward the rat. After toying with them a little, Izzy puts a sack over Tommy’s head, knocks him out with a shovel, and lets Edward feast on him. Later, she leaves Edward on the teacher’s porch.

Because Kevin has a passion for Bonsai trees, Izzy breaks several of Tommy’s limbs with a hammer, and using Christmas lights, ties him up in a gruesome fashion.

Kevin, Barnie, and Izzy open their Christmas presents. Kevin opens a package from Izzy and finds the gun that she had stolen from the two boys. Barnie thinks it’s fake, but Izzy tells him it’s real. Barnie questions her motives, angry that she’d give a young kid such a gift. On the evening news, Izzy discovers that the police think that the boyfriend, Michael, along with the other schoolgirl, were involved in the ‘school bus massacre’, and the disappearance of the school bullies. The police disclose information about the last sightings of them, which includes a description of Michael’s car. Izzy burns it, and as she walks back along the road, and a guy driving by gives her a lift. Izzy remains wary of him, but he doesn’t try to harm her. The subject of family comes up, and Izzy tells him she’s already married—to a Marine—and has one child, but wants another one when her husband returns from the war.

Back at home, Izzy is tormented by a flashback of Rusty just before he left kissing his girlfriend goodbye. The flashback enrages her, and she quickly goes to the girlfriend’s house and suffocates her.

The following morning, Izzy goes to the barn to her two remaining hostages. She cuts off the penis of Michael, and puts together a makeshift strap-on with a large spike attached to a piece of wood. Meanwhile, Barnie and Kevin return home from grocery shopping. As Izzy begins to rape Stephanie with the strap-on, Barnie enters the barn, and is shocked to find Izzy’s sick experiments. She impales him with an axe, and as Barnie falls to the ground, Kevin is revealed standing behind him, and he too sees the torture. He runs inside the house, and Izzy follows him. She tries to calm him, but he takes the gun and shoots himself in the head before her eyes. She becomes hysterical, and burns down the barn.

In a flashback to an undetermined previous time, two Marines go to her house. Although there is no sound in this scene, it’s obvious they are there to tell her that Rusty died in the war. She lashes out at them, and the movie ends.

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