Siberian Republic

Siberian Republic

This article is about the government established in June 1918 and based in Omsk. For the government of a similar name established in January 1918 in Vladivostok, see Provisional Siberian Government (Vladivostok).

Provisional Siberian Government - government for Siberia created by the White movement.

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Siberian Republic - History
... At the beginning of 1918 a Provisional Siberian Government (PSG) was established in the eastern coastal city of Vladivostok ... Most of the members of this first Siberian provisional government were members of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party (PSR), including the head of this government, Pët ... The generals of the Siberian Army placed their allegiance with the Vologodskii government in Omsk, however, leading to the marginalization of the ...

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