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Canadian Trademarks

Although the ubiquitous red “as seen on TV” logo can be used by anyone, the tradename Showcase, As Seen on TV Showcase, TV Showcase, “The Best of As Seen on TV and more!” and its variants are protected by Canadian trademark law. Showcase has applied for, and in most cases been granted, trademark registration for its various tradenames and proprietary brands with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. These include:

Showcase The Best of As Seen on TV and more

The best of as-seen-on-TV and more!

TV Showcase Products and Demonstration Stores

As Seen on TV Showcase

The Best of As Seen on TV and more!

As Seen on TV Showcase and Products and Demonstration Stores

Cloud 9 by Dream Away (design)

Cloud 9 by Dream Away (words)

Kyoto Environmental

Dream Away (design)

Dream Away (words)

Kyoto Environmental

Why dream when you can Dream Away?

You Saw It on TV

Don’t Just Dream … Dream Away!

Eco Savvy

Quantum (design)

Quantum (words)

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