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Throw (grappling) - Types of Throws - List of Throws
... Hip throw (O Goshi) Floating hip (Uki Goshi) Rear hip throw (Ushiro Goshi) Stamp throw Loin and hip wheel (O Guruma) Transitional hip throw (Utsuri Goshi) Hip wheel (Koshi Guruma) Sweeping ... Shoulder wheel, fireman's carry (Kata Guruma) Valley drop (Tani Otoshi) Stomach throw (Tomoe Nage) Side circle Corner throw Head hip and knee throw Reverse head hip and knee throw Rear head hip and knee throw Front ...
Throw (grappling) - Types of Throws - Shoulder Throws
... A shoulder throw involves throwing an opponent over the shoulder ... A shoulder throw which lifts the opponent from the ground is in Japanese referred to as seoi-nage (背負投, "shoulder throw"), while a throw which involves upsetting the opponents balance and pulling the opponent ... Seoi-nage is one of the most used throws in Judo competition ...

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