Shoulder Mounted

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Hardware (comics) - Weapons
... These weapons range from hand-held armaments to much larger systems that are mounted on his armor's gauntlets and shoulder pads ... This forearm mounted cannon fires a blast of compressed air capable of knocking down an opponent at a distance of 12 feet ... is constructed by specially programmed nano-assemblers stored in the pods in his armor's shoulder pads ...
Iron Man's Armor - Other Media - Iron Man: Armored Adventures
... powerful versions of the repulsors and uni-beam as well as missiles and shoulder mounted Gatling laser blasters ... versions of the Repulsors and Uni-Beam, the War Machine also sports three shoulder mounted missile launchers as well as wrist mounted machine guns and a shoulder ... from the Mark I Armor, it also has wrist mounted flame blasters, shoulder mounted missile launchers, sonic disrupters (Tony mentions they were adapted from the Arctic Armor) and more powerful ...
Iron Man's Armor - Armors of The 1990s - War Machine Armor (Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, Mark I)
... included several response devices such as a shoulder mounted electric minigun, shoulder mounted missile box launcher, and wrist mounted gaunlet cannons with ... In both iterations, the shoulder mounted weapons are modular and can be removed and replaced ...

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    Just because you live in LA it doesn’t mean you have to dress that way.
    —Advertising billboard campaign in Los Angeles, mounted by New York fashion house Charivari.

    I positively like the sense, when I dine out, and stoop to rescue a falling handkerchief, that I am not going to rub my shoulder against a heart. What are hearts doing on sleeves?
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)