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The Game

Shipwrecked is a reality television programme in which a number of people from the UK live on one of two islands (Shark Island and Tiger Island) for a period of sixteen weeks. Each week, one or two new arrivals come to the islands, spend equal time on each island as Tribe Leaders who will create their own island laws that the others must follow. At the weekly beach party, the new arrivals must decide on the tribe they wish to live on. At the end of the series, the island with the most castaways wins, with the winning islanders usually sharing a cash prize of £70,000, though in a surprising twist just one castaway will walk away with this year's prize money. It has not been determined if both islands will be eligible for the prize.

This year, T4 viewers selected a wildcard to be the final new arrival. Liran Nathan, a jeweller from North London, beat Maggie and Jarad in the T4 viewers' vote to join the Shipwrecked contestants and potentially choose the winner.

New arrivals spend an equal amount of time on each of the two islands. During this time the new arrivals act as island leaders and have the opportunity to make new rules which must be obeyed by existing tribe members. At the end of week beach party the new arrivals must make a joint decision as to which island they wish to stay on.

This year, island life is a lot more basic than previous series and resembles life on last year's third Hawk island with islanders having to go without luxuries such as mirrors and toilet papers and survive on only basic food rations. Live pigs and chickens reside on the islands as well, meaning the castaways have the opportunity to hunt for their food.

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