Shion (album) - Track Listing

Track Listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Suion" (水恩) Miya 2:16
2. "Fukurō no Yurikago" (梟の揺り篭) Tatsurou Miya 4:26
3. "Nuritsubusunara Enji" (塗り潰すなら臙脂) Tatsurou Satochi, Miya 4:11
4. "Fuzz" (ファズ) Tatsurou Miya 4:49
5. "Game" (ゲーム) Tatsurou Miya 5:46
6. "Flight" (フライト-Album ver.-) Tatsurou, Miya Satochi, Miya 3:44
7. "Anjelier" (アンジャベル) Tatsurou Miya 4:08
8. "Chiisana mado" (小さな窓) Miya Yukke 5:19
9. "Semishigure" (蝉時雨) Miya Miya 3:28
10. "Shion" (志恩) Miya Miya 5:15
11. "Sorawasure" (空忘れ) Tatsurou Satochi, Miya 4:08
12. "Shiva" (シヴァ) Miya Miya 5:03
13. "Libra" (リブラ-Album ver.-) Tatsurou Miya 5:22

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