Shingon Buddhism - Branches of Shingon

Branches of Shingon

  • The Orthodox (Kogi) Shingon School (古義真言宗)
    • Kōyasan (高野山真言宗)
      • Chuin-Ryu Lineage (中院流)
    • Tō-ji (東寺真言宗)
    • Zentsūji-ha (真言宗善通寺派)
    • Daigo-ha (真言宗醍醐派)
    • Omuro-ha (真言宗御室派)
    • Shingon-Ritsu (真言律宗)
    • Daikakuji-ha (真言宗大覚寺派)
    • Sennyūji-ha (真言宗泉涌寺派)
    • Yamashina-ha (真言宗山階派)
    • Shigisan (信貴山真言宗)
    • Nakayamadera-ha (真言宗中山寺派)
    • Sanbōshū (真言三宝宗)
    • Sumadera-ha (真言宗須磨寺派)
    • Tōji-ha (真言宗東寺派)
  • The Reformed (Shingi) Shingon School (新義真言宗)
    • Chizan-ha (真言宗智山派)
    • Buzan-ha (真言宗豊山派)
    • Kokubunji-ha (真言宗国分寺派)
    • Inunaki-ha (真言宗犬鳴派)

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