Shilha Language - Writing System

Writing System

Like many other varieties of Berber, Shilha has been written with several different systems over the years. Historically, the dominant script was an Arabic alphabet. Usage of the Latin script emerged in the 20th century. More recently, the Tifinagh alphabet was reintroduced and is now promoted by the government, though only a small portion of the population can use it.

Simple letters (and modifier letter)
Code Tifinagh Latin Arabic Name
Image Unicode
U+2D30 a ا ya
U+2D31 b ب yab
U+2D33 g گ yag
ⴳⵯ گۥ yag
U+2D37 d د yad
U+2D39 ض yaḍ
U+2D3B e ه yey
U+2D3C f ف yaf
U+2D3D k ک yak
ⴽⵯ کۥ yak
U+2D40 h ھ yah
U+2D43 ح yaḥ
U+2D44 ε ع yaε
U+2D45 x خ yax
U+2D47 q ق yaq
U+2D49 i ي yi
U+2D4A j ج yaj
U+2D4D l ل yal
U+2D4E m م yam
U+2D4F n ن yan
U+2D53 u و yu
U+2D54 r ر yar
U+2D55 ڕ yaṛ
U+2D56 γ غ yaγ
U+2D59 s س yas
U+2D5A ص yaṣ
U+2D5B š ش yaš
U+2D5C t ت yat
U+2D5F ط yaṭ
U+2D61 w ۉ yaw
U+2D62 y ي yay
U+2D63 z ز yaz
U+2D65 yaẓ
U+2D6F ۥ+ Labio-

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