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JR Shikoku operates a railway system of 855.2 km. Unlike other JR companies, JR Shikoku discontinued the classification of "Main Lines" and others in the names of its railway lines in 1988. Prior to the change, the Dosan, Kōtoku, Tokushima and Yosan Lines were Main Lines.

Each line is color-coded and labeled with a letter, which is used to assign a station number to each station on the line. For example, Naruto Station on the Naruto Line (labeled N) is numbered N10. Although this method is widely accepted in metro systems in Japan, JR Shikoku was the first JR company to use it.

Label Name Japanese Terminuses
Main Lines
n/a Honshi Bisan Line 本四備讃線 Kojima — Udatsu
Y Yosan Line Main Line 予讃線 Takamatsu — Matsuyama
U Matsuyama — Mukaibara
Branch Line (New Line) Mukaibara — Uchiko
Uchiko Line 内子線 Uchiko — Niiya
Yosan Line Branch Line (New Line) 予讃線 Niiya — Iyo-Ōzu
Main Line Iyo-Ōzu — Uwajima
S Main Line (Old Line) Mukaibara — Iyo-Ōzu
T Kōtoku Line 高徳線 Takamatsu — Tokushima
D Dosan Line 土讃線 Tadotsu — Kōchi
K Kōchi — Kubokawa
B Tokushima Line 徳島線 Tsukuda — Sako
Other Lines
M Mugi Line 牟岐線 Tokushima — Kaifu
N Naruto Line 鳴門線 Ikenotani — Naruto
G Yodo Line 予土線 Wakai — Kita-Uwajima

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