Shi Xiu - Meeting Yang Xiong

Meeting Yang Xiong

One day in Jizhou, Shi Xiu chances upon a gang of hooligans who are cornering Yang Xiong. He dislikes people who bully others in numbers and he helps Yang Xiong fend off the hooligans. They feel a special affinity for each other and thus become sworn brothers. Yang Xiong brings Shi Xiu home and lets Shi work in his butcher stall.

Shi Xiu discovers Pan Qiaoyun (Yang Xiong's wife)'s extramarital affair with a monk called Pei Ruhai. He informs Yang Xiong about it and Yang questions his wife. Pan Qiaoyun accuses Shi Xiu of molesting her instead and Yang Xiong believes his wife instead and drives Shi away in anger. Shi Xiu is unhappy and he is determined to reveal the truth to Yang Xiong. He ambushes Pei Ruhai and kills him and shows Yang Xiong the monk's dead body. Yang Xiong brings his wife to Mount Cuiping and interrogates her. Pan Qiaoyun confesses her affair after seeing that her lover is dead. Yang Xiong kills his wife and decides to travel with Shi to Liangshan Marsh to join the outlaw band there.

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