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Maurie Sheehy
... Maurice Patrick Sheehy (12 June 1893 – 10 January 1961) was an Australian politician, and a member of the Victorian Legislative Council for Melbourne ... As a young man, "Maurie" Sheehy (as he was then known) was an Australian rules footballer who played for Collingwood in the Victorian Football League (VFL) ... As an older gentleman, Sheehy was a politician, better known as Patrick Sheehy ...
Maurie Sheehy - Political Career
... Sheehy joined the Australian Labor Party in 1911 ... Sheehy had also contested the federal seat of Kooyong as the Australian Labor Party candidate in 1951, losing to the incumbent Robert Menzies ... Sheehy was elected to the Victorian State Legislative Council for the seat of Melbourne in June 1952, and served until his defeat in June 1958 ...
Rick Sheehy - Resignation
... at the state capitol building to announce that he had accepted Sheehy's resignation as lieutenant governor ... No information was given as to the reason for Sheehy's resignation, and Heineman did not say whether he resigned voluntarily or was asked to resign ... and that trust was broken." The Omaha World-Herald reported that the married Sheehy, had been using his state issued cell phone for years to make 2,000 late-night ...
Timothy Sheehy (disambiguation)
... Timothy Sheehy is the name of Timothy Sheehy (ice hockey) (born 1948), American Ice Hockey player Timothy Sheehy (Cork politician) (1855–1938), Irish Cumann na nGaedhael ...
Gail Sheehy - Journalism - Noted Articles - 1992: Vanity Fair Article On Hillary Clinton
... Sheehy's 1992 article on Hillary Clinton created a stir by quoting the First Lady mentioning rumors of an affair between President George H.W ... Sheehy reported that Clinton complained that the media had made much about Gennifer Flowers's affair with Bill Clinton but didn't look into the Bush transgression ... that portion of the interview off the record, but Sheehy disagreed ...

Famous quotes containing the word sheehy:

    The fundamental steps of expansion that will open a person, over time, to the full flowering of his or her individuality are the same for both genders. But men and women are rarely in the same place struggling with the same questions at the same age.
    —Gail Sheehy (20th century)

    The work of adult life is not easy. As in childhood, each step presents not only new tasks of development but requires a letting go of the techniques that worked before. With each passage some magic must be given up, some cherished illusion of safety and comfortably familiar sense of self must be cast off, to allow for the greater expansion of our distinctiveness.
    —Gail Sheehy (20th century)

    We must be willing to change chairs if we want to grow. There is no permanent compatibility between a chair and a person. And there is no one right chair. What is right at one stage may be restricting at another or too soft. During the passage from one stage to another, we will be between two chairs. Wobbling no doubt, but developing.
    —Gail Sheehy (20th century)