Sharp Cutoff Pentode

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List Of Vacuum Tubes - American Designation (with European Equivalents) - 6 Volt Heater/filament Tubes
6AC7, 1852 Television Sharp Cutoff R.F ... Pentode ... May also be driven by separate pentodes with different characteristics ...
List Of Vacuum Tubes - American Designation (with European Equivalents) - “7” Prefix Loctal Tubes
... often numbered 7A4/XXL 7A5 Beam power pentode 7A6 Dual detector diode, similar to type 6H6 7A7 Remote-cutoff pentode, loctal version of type 6SK7. 7A8 Octode converter 7AB7 Sharp-cutoff pentode 7AD7 Power pentode 7AF7 Twin medium-mu triode 7AG7 Sharp-cutoff pentode 7AH7 Remote-cutoff pentode 7AJ7 Sharp-cutoff pentode 7AK7 Sharp-cutoff ... triode, loctal version of types 6F5 and 6SF5 7B5 Power pentode, loctal version of types 6K6 and 41 7B6 High-mu triode, dual detector diodes, loctal version of type 75, similar to types 6AV6 ...

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