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Artificial Variations

Artificial sharkskin variants used for suiting first appeared in the 1950s and rapidly garnered world-wide appeal in artificial sharkskin (costing much less than its "natural" counterpart: which most consumers were not aware existed, so far out of their price range it remained) attaining broad popularity in the early 1960s, followed by brief fashion resurgences witnessed in the mid-1980s, mid-1990s and enjoying occasional fashion popularity throughout the 2000s: its variations often contain some wool percentage blend. More recently, such artificial sharkskin fabrics have undergone technological improvements and have attained new desirability, even among "fabric purists" who would have conventionally rejected out-of-hand any "artificial sharkskin" substitutes for the real item containing a majority percentage of mohair.

In fact, today's best and most costly sharkskin fabrics some percentage of synthetic fibers, and can thereby feature a heightened metallic-like sheen, with added flexibility (often owing to a mere 2% Lycra blend), which had been seldom otherwise achievable, even in the ranks of the elite "Golden Fleece", "Royal" fabrications of yester-year owing to newly engineered synthetic fiber blends. Recently, as of 2010, innovative use of tight ring-spun Pima and/or Egyptian cotton fibers added to blends (developed using AUTO-CAD fabric modeling by Italian engineers), have resulted in a new breed of ultra-dense, lightweight and resilient "Super-Sharkskin(s)" that boast all the best attributes of former generations of the fabric's variants - many at half the cost, while still using some mohair, silk, wool or other "natural, synthesized and/or synthetic fibers blends" {multiple percentage combinations exist in the market}.

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