Shapash (Canaanite Goddess) - Baal Myth

Baal Myth

In the Epic of Baal, Shapash plays an important part in the plot, as she interacts with all of the main characters, and in the end she is favourable to Baal's position as king. She announces that El supports Yam. By delivering her verdict in the final struggle of Baal with Mot, she reveals her role as judge among the gods, and by her judgement against Mot, as saviour of humankind, two aspects, Brian B. Schmidt observes, that conform with what is known of Shamash's function in Mesopotamia. After Baal is killed, she helps Anat bury and mourn him, and then stops shining. Following El's dream about the resurrection of Baal, El asks Anat to persuade Shapash to shine again, which she agrees to, but declares that she will continue to search for him. In the battle between Baal and Mot, she threatens Mot that El will intervene in Baal's favour, a threat which ends the battle.

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