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Safavid Art - Architecture and Urbanism - Under Shah Tahmasp
... Like his predecessor, Shah Tahmasp, at the beginning of his reign (1524–1555) stayed rather inactive in architectural matters, contenting himself with restorations and embellishments ... In the latter place, one can cite the funeral tower of Shah Ismail, possibly ordered by this one, but which was undoubtedly created during the first years of the reign of Shah Tahmasp, even though no date is ... Also at Ardabil is attributed to Shah Tahmasp the Jannat Sara, an octagonal building with accessories and gardens much degraded in the 18th century (and greatly restored) ...
Safavid Art - Art - Persian Carpets
... These workshops produced carpets for the palace and mosques of the Shah, but also to be offered to neighbouring monarchs or to foreign dignitaries ... Ismail I, then Shah Tahmasp and Shah Abbas I are known for having been personally interested in carpet production ... It was in this period and particularly since Shah Tahmasp that the first carpets with floral decoration were created, in order to satisfy the taste of the Safavids ...
Safavid Dynasty - History - Shāh Tahmāsp - Legacy of Shah Tahmasp
... When Shah Tahmasp entered the throne at a young age, Persia was in a dire state ... of a weak economy, a civil war and wars being fought on two fronts, Tahmasp had managed to maintain his position as the shah ... When Shah Tahmasp's throne was overtaken by his successor, Persia was in a calm state, with secure borders and cordial relations with the neighbours to both east and west ...

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