Shah Abbas

Shah Abbas is the name of:

  • Abbas I of Persia (1571–1629), Shah (king) of Iran, and the greatest ruler of the Safavid dynasty
  • Abbas II of Persia (1633–1666)
  • Abbas III of Persia (died 1740)

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Safavid Art - Architecture and Urbanism - Under Shah Abbas II - The Chehel Sotoun
... was no doubt constructed under the reign of Shah Abbas II, then redecorated in the years 1870 ... battle of various grand sovereigns of the dynasty a battle scene with Shah Ismail the Mughal sultan Humayun is received by Shah Tahmasp, then Vali Nadr ...
Ali Qapu
... building, another wonderful Safavid edifice, was built by decree of Shah Abbas the Great in the early seventeenth century ... Shah Abbas, here for the first time celebrated the Nowruz (New Year's Day) of 1006 AH / 1597 C.E ... is rich in naturalistic wall paintings by Reza Abbassi, the court painter of Shah Abbas I, and his pupils ...
Teimuraz I Of Kakheti - The Rebel King
... Shah Abbas took revenge by torturing to death the king's mother, Ketevan, on September 13, 1624, and castrating his sons, Alexander and Leon ... Meanwhile, Abbas I's appointed governor of Kakheti, Selim Khan of Ganja, embarked on a campaign to resettle the depopulated areas of eastern Georgia with ... The shah's former Georgian ally, Giorgi Saakadze, or Mourav-Beg as he was known in Iran, joined the revolt and led the Georgians to a victory over the Iranian army at the Battle of Martqopi on March 25, 1625 ...
Safavid Art - Historical Context
... Haydari, the successor of Djunayd, was quickly killed, and Shah Ismail, then 12 years of age, took his place as leader of the movement in 1499 ... his 7000 soldiers defied the Turmken troops, 30,000 men strong, and in 1501, Shah Ismail entered Tabriz at the north-west of Iran, proclaimed the rite of imamism (Twelvers) to be the religion of state and had ... Shah Ismail, whose divine ascendance had been definitely set aside, withdrew from political life, while relations with the Qizilbash Turkmen deteriorated ...

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