SGE Analytical Science

SGE Analytical Science is a Melbourne-based company founded in 1960 by Ernest Dawes producing accessories for use in chemical analysis, primarily chromatography. The name comes from Scientific Glass Engineering, the original name for the company. Principal product lines include GC and HPLC columns and analytical/laboratory syringes (including the eVol hand-held automated analytical syringe), connections (including SilFlow microchannel devices) and fittings, unions and mini unions, MEPS (a syringe based micro scale Solid phase extraction device) for sample preparation, micro control valves, ferrules, septa, a range of accessory products for GC and GC-MS, Electron Multipliers, Ion optics grids, scientific and specialized tubing, and glass inlet liners for GC. The ProteCol range of HPLC columns feature proprietary column designs, incorporating metal free inert materials throughout the flow path and the highest quality stationary phases.

While the company operates in many countries, its headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are still in Melbourne, in the eastern suburb of Ringwood.

SGE has global customer service and distribution hubs in Australia, Japan, the UK and the USA. SGE is an ISO accredited company, and employs around 400 staff worldwide. SGE has become one of Australia’s most successful exporters with 97% of revenue derived from export; it has received awards in many areas from governments, environmental groups and technology bodies.

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