Sex Segregation

Sex segregation is the separation of people according to their sex.

The term gender apartheid (or sexual apartheid) also has been applied to segregation of people by gender, implying that it is sexual discrimination. In some circumstances, gender segregation is a controversial policy, with critics contending that in most or all circumstances it is a violation of human rights, and supporters arguing that it is necessary to maintain decency, sacredness, modesty, female safety, or the family unit.

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Sexual Apartheid - Theoretical Explanations - Equal Treatment
... whose governments have taken to legislation eliminating sex segregation, equal treatment theory is most frequently used as support for such rules and regulation ... of intermediate scrutiny as a standard for sex discrimination on the basis that men and women should be treated equally when in similar situations ... good foundations for their agendas in sex segregation, but conceptually do not prevent it, leaving room for mandatory and administrative sex segregation to remain as long as separation ...
Sexual Apartheid - Significance - In Economies
... Physical sex separation is not popular in many institutions on a tertiary level (between types of institutions), while fields of study or majors are highly gendered, such as later life decisions such as work/care ... occupations can yield other instances of sex segregation by impacting occupational sex imbalances and further male and female socialization ... Even at psychological levels, socialized preferences for or against sex segregation can also have significant effects ...
Sex Segregation - Segregation By Occupation - History
... Historically military occupations have been exclusively (with few exceptions) reserved to males ... This has ceased only in the later twentieth century ...
Sexual Apartheid - Contemporary Policy Examples
... Sex segregation is a global phenomenon manifested differently in varying localities ... Sex segregation and integration considered harmless or normal in one country can be considered radical or illegal in others ... At the same time, many laws and policies promoting segregation or desegregation recur across multiple national contexts ...
Sexual Apartheid
... Sex segregation is the physical, legal, and cultural separation of people according to their biological sex ... This is distinct from gender segregation, which is the separation of people according to social constructions of what it means to be male versus female ... This article focuses specifically on sex segregation ...

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    Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever!
    George C. Wallace (b. 1919)