Sete Pecados (telenovela) - Plot


Dr. Flávio, a rich archeologist, had a romance with the young daughter of an employee in his house, Aparecida, called Cidinha. He is married to Rebeca and he has a daughter, Beatriz. He went on an expedition to find traces of an ancient civilization - Atlantis. But, an accident occurs and it is reported that Flavius died. However, his body was never found.

Years have passed since the terrible accident and without a father in her life, Beatriz became heiress of his fortune. She is a beautiful, young, rich, but stubborn woman. For Beatriz, life is an eternal search for pleasure. One day, she meets with her high-school friend, a taxi driver named Dante, who is simple and ethical man. In a moment of crisis, he offers her what she never had - spontaneous help. She decides to flirt with him, but he is not interested in her. With her broken pride, she can't admit to herself that she fell in love with him. However, she is in love with the man who does not want her.

Beatriz decides to do everything to win him over. She meets "Baron", a guru who is connected to a secret society, run by a mysterious woman, Agatha. Beatriz offers her soul to be with Dante. But, Baron says that if she wants Dante, she needs to change him. She needs to convince him he needs another path in his life. Dante is a man with golden heart and sincere. So, to change Dante's life, he needs to practice the Seven Sins, one by one. Only then, he will leave his ethical principles and he will abandon his wife Clarice and his children, Isabel and Laerte. However, the secret society has a mysterious goal. Flavius, Beatriz's father, left his whole fortune to his daughter and besides that he left her a mysterious statue. With that money and statue, Beatriz is taking care of her mother Rebeca, her stepfather Anselmo, her grandmother Corina, stepbrother Ariel and stepsister Daniela. Agatha wants to steal Beatriz's fortune and the statue. But, to steal it, she needs to manipulate Beatriz and Beatriz's passion for Dante is the best way to get her fortune.

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