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Oscilloscope - Features and Uses - Description - Probes
... A typical probe uses a 9 megohm series resistor shunted by a low-value capacitor to make an RC compensated divider with the cable capacitance and scope input ... For example, the 9 megohm series resistor is shunted by a 12.2 pF capacitor for a time constant of 110 microseconds ... A certain value of resistor, connected to ground, "encodes" the attenuation.) There are special high-voltage probes which also form compensated attenuators with the oscilloscope input the probe body is ...
Test Probe - Voltage Probes - Oscilloscope Probes - Lo Z Probes
... or 950 ohm (for 20× attenuation) series resistor (rather than the 9 megohm resistor of the 10× probe) ... A 21× divider probe consists of a 1000 ohm series resistor and a short 50 ohm transmission line (Johnson Martin 1993, p ... sells a 10× divider probe with 9 GHz bandwidth with a 450 ohm series resistor ...
LED Circuit - Series Resistor - Series Resistor Calculation
... Typically, a LED forward voltage is about 1.8–3.3 volts it varies by the color of the LED ... A red LED typically drops 1.8 volts, but voltage drop normally rises as the light frequency increases, so a blue LED may drop around 3.3 volts ...

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    I look on trade and every mechanical craft as education also. But let me discriminate what is precious herein. There is in each of these works an act of invention, an intellectual step, or short series of steps taken; that act or step is the spiritual act; all the rest is mere repetition of the same a thousand times.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)