Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina are people of Serb ethnicity inhabiting the Balkan regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or, since the establishment of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state in the 1990s, the Serbs who have its citizenship. The Serbs are one of the three constitutive nations of this state, predominantly residing in its political-territorial entity named Republika Srpska. They are frequently referred to as Bosnian Serbs in English, regardless of whether they are from Bosnia or Herzegovina.

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Serbs Of Bosnia And Herzegovina - Status of Serbs Outside Republika Srpska - Glamoč
... Serbian schoolchildren in Glamoč, a municipality which is of Serb majority under the local government of Canton 10 based in Livno (which is of Croat majority), are still denied ... of hectars of land that have been taken from ethnic Serbs and has become the land of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina ... Some 2,000 Serbs are in very low state, without any jobs, and this is a way to fix the problem, says Radovan Marković, head of the Glamoč municipality ...