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Cultural Heritage

There is a stone bridge across Mavelščica Creek; it is a special feature of the municipality because in the past it was part of an important north-south transit route known as the "Ljubelj Road" connecting Salzburg and Aquileia. Because of this special function the bridge was built with special care, with large stones specially fitted to one another. The year 1666 is carved on the bridge. The bridge is occasionally referred to as "Napoleon's Bridge"; although Napoleon likely crossed it, its construction had nothing to do with the movement of French troops because it predates the Napoleonic campaign by a century and a half. Circa 1970 the bridge was registered as Yugoslav cultural heritage with the highest level of protection through the efforts of Marko Mušič. The bridge was renovated in the early 1980s. Today it is part of a protected complex together with a nearby chestnut plantation.

  • Stone bridge across Mavelščica Creek

  • Southeast corner of bridge with the year 1666

  • Wayside shrine at Mavelščica Creek

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