Semyon Semyonovich Abamelik-Lazarev

Semyon Semyonovich Abamelik-Lazarev, Semen Semenovich Abamelek-Lazarev or Abamelik-Lazaryan (1857, Moscow - 1916, Kislovodsk, buried in Saint-Petersburg) was a Russian-Armenian principal, archaeologist and geologist, a member of Russian Geographical Union, the honorary supervisor of the Lazarian Seminary in Moscow.

He finished the historio-philological faculty of Saint-Petersburg University. In 1882 he discovered and researched the so-called "Palmirian tarif" inscription, then researched Jerash greco-roman monument in Palestine and published results in two books. He was also a successful entrepreneur and opened factories of iron in the Ural region.

His ville (Ville Abamelik) in Rome was owned by the embassy of USSR.

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