• (noun): A musical note having the longest time value (equal to four beats in common time).
    Synonyms: whole note

Some articles on semibreve:

Renaissance Music - Overview - Theory and Notation
... are in use today the primary unit of beat was the semibreve, or whole note ... smallest note, the "minim," (equivalent to the modern "half note") to each semibreve ... were called "perfect/imperfect tempus" at the level of the breve–semibreve relationship, "perfect/imperfect prolation" at the level of the semibreve–minim ...
Whole Note - Etymology
... Pafsi oloklirou (παύση ολοκλήρου) French ronde pause Italian semibreve pausa di semibreve Spanish redonda silencio de redonda Portuguese semibreve ...
Mensural Notation - Note Values
... the modern breve or double whole note the Semibreve (whole note), the Minim (half note), Semiminim (quarter note / crotchet), Fusa (eighth note / quaver ... in the 13th century, to breve-semibreve in the 14th and 15th, to semibreve-minim by the end of the 16th, and finally to minim–semiminim (i.e ... What was originally the shortest of all note values used, the semibreve, has today evolved into the longest note used routinely, the whole note ...