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Selayang Hot Spring

Selayang Hot Spring or Kolam Air Panas Selayang is a very popular place among locals, which was discovered almost four decades ago and rumored to have cured visitors with illnesses and deceases, such as diabetes, gout, skin illnesses and many more. Though the truth of such claims remain uncertain, numerous testimonies have been received by visitors. There are even visitors who spend time here two or three days in a week, or almost everyday after work. One possible explanation could probably be the algae microorganisms living in the springs, but so far there is no proven scientific evidence that conclusively confirm or refute the claims. Nevertheless, the hot spring spot is certainly a destination for city dwellers who seek relaxation and tranquility, far cheaper than going to a spa.

Most of the natural places of attraction is Selayang are located in the north, attached to the greenery environment.

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