Searchlight (Transformers) - Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Transformers: Power Core Combiners


Searchlight toy
Sub-group Power Core Combiners, Scouts
Partner Backwind and Skyburst
Alternate Modes Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight
Series Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Searchlight is the most skilled at search and rescue among the Autobots.

When Maketoys released promotional images of their Misile Launcher Jungle Type toy they included photos of it combined with Searchlight.

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Searchlight (Transformers) - Transformers: Power Core Combiners - Toys
... Power Core Combiners Searchlight with Backwind (2010) Searchlight is an Autobot helicopter partnered with the Mini-Con Backwind ... As a Power Core Combiner Scout, he can become the torso of a combined form by using four drone limbs (sold separately) ...

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