Seacoal (film) - Cast


Professional Actors

  • Amber Styles as Betty
  • Ray Stubbs as Ray
  • Corrina Stubbs, Corrina
  • Benny Graham as Joe
  • Tom Hadaway as man in dole
  • Murray Martin as counter clerk
  • Sammy Johnson as Sammy
  • Steve Trafford as DHSS investigator
  • Mo Harrold as woman in dole
  • Gwen Doran as mother's voice

Starring As Themself

  • herself LAIDLAW, Rosie
  • himself LAIDLAW, Brian
  • herself LAIDLAW, Alison
  • herself LAIDLAW, Helen
  • himself LAIDLAW, Rockers
  • herself LAIDLAW, Nini
  • Critch, himself CRITCHLOW, Trevor
  • Val, herself WACIAK, Val
  • Stan, himself ROBINSON, Stan
  • Taity, himself TAIT, Gordon
  • himself COOK, John
  • himself MOSCROP, Robert
  • also appearing ARMSTRONG, Denis
  • also appearing CRITCHLOW, Margaret
  • also appearing BROWN, Robbie
  • also appearing BROWN, Jackie
  • also appearing BROTHERTON, Ronnie
  • also appearing LILBURN, Robert
  • also appearing COULSON, Gena
  • also appearing CRISP, Ian
  • also appearing WACIAK, Clare
  • also appearing HOLMES, Colin
  • also appearing ARMSTRONG, Miley
  • also appearing CROSSLAND, Lyn
  • also appearing HAIGH, Carl
  • also appearing MILES, Carol
  • also appearing WARD, Terry

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