Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (LSE: SMT) is a publicly traded investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange. It invests globally, looking for strong businesses with above-average returns. Scottish Mortgage is managed by Baillie Gifford & Co, the Edinburgh based investment management partnership.

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Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust - History
... The origins of Scottish Mortgage lie in a credit crisis, the Panic of 1907 ... They established The Straits Mortgage and Trust Company Limited.” to lend money to the planters, secured on the rubber estates ... was over and rubber planters no longer required finance from Straits Mortgage on the scale anticipated ...
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust - Time Line
1909 - Launch of Straits Mortgage Trust Limited 1913 - Name change to Scottish Mortgage Trust Company Limited 1914-18 - First World War 1929 - Wall Street Crash 1933 - Scottish Mortgage cuts dividend - the only ... stock market falls as banking and credit crisis takes place 2009 - Scottish Mortgage's 100th AGM held in June in Edinburgh. 2010 - Tom Slater appointed Deputy Manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC ...
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