Score Productions - Credits of Score Composers (Incomplete)

Credits of Score Composers (Incomplete)

  • Gary Anderson - Child's Play, Tattletales 1982
  • Ken Bichel - Match Game 73, Match Game 90, One Life To Live
  • Michel Camilo - Goodwill Games, One Life To Live
  • Charles Fox - ABC's Wide World Of Sports, To Tell The Truth 1969, The Match Game, What's My Line?, Rhyme and Reason
  • Charles Gross - The Doctors
  • Deborah Hurwitz - Guiding Light
  • Edd Kalehoff - The Price Is Right, Concentration, Tattletales (1974)
  • Walt Levinsky - Family Feud, 20/20, Password Plus, The Price is Right (1976 music package)
  • Dick Lieb and Walt Levinsky - Swiss Family Robinson, WWII, A G.I. Diary, Search and Rescue, Dr. Simon Locke, Police Surgeon, Lovers and Friends
  • Les Fradkin - One Life To Live, Capitol, Loving, various game shows
  • Chuck Loeb - CNN Main Theme and various CNN cues/shows
  • Arthur B. Rubinstein - The Doctors, Another World, Red Hand Gang, Sports World, WWII-A GI Diary, All New Beat the Clock, Strange Paradise, Norman Corwin Presents, Harvey, The Price, All the Way Home, Look Homeward Angel

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