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Schott Music ( ) is one of the oldest German music publishers. It is also one of the largest music publishing houses in Europe, and is currently the second oldest music publishing house. The company headquarters of Schott Music was founded by Bernhard Schott (1748–1809) in Mainz, Germany in 1770.

Schott Music is one of the world’s leading music publishers. It represents many of the greatest composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, and its publishing catalogue contains some 31,000 titles on sale and over 10,000 titles on hire. The repertoire ranges from complete editions, stage and concert works to general educational literature, fine sheet music editions and multimedia products. In addition to the publishing houses of Panton, Ars-Viva, Ernst Eulenburg, Fürstner, Cranz, Atlantis Musikbuch and Hohner-Verlag, the Schott group also includes two recording labels, Wergo (for new music) and Intuition (for Jazz), as well as eight specialist magazines.

The Schott Music group also includes the printing and production services company WEGA, as well as mds (music distributors services GmbH), the largest music product distribution organisation in Europe providing the distribution of sheet music, books, magazines, audio and audio-visual recordings, and hire materials of both the Schott catalogues and the catalogues of 60 other music publishers.

Representing composers and authors from all over the world, Schott Music has offices in ten countries with some 270 employees principally in London, New York, Prague and Tokyo, with additional offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, Madrid, Stockholm, Toronto and Zurich.

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