School of Communication and Information (Rutgers University) - Core Faculty Members - Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science

  • Nicholas Belkin (Information Science)
  • Kay Cassell (Reference and Information Science)
  • Marija Dalbello (Social History of Knowledge, Documents, Collections)
  • Carol Gordon (Information Science)
  • Jacek Gwizdka (Information Science, Human-Computer Interaction)
  • Lydia Eato Harris
  • Waller A. Hastings (Children's Literature)
  • Paul Kantor (Information and Computer Science and Operations Research)
  • Michael Lesk (Information Science)
  • Ya-Ling Lu (Information Science)
  • Claire R. Mclnerney (Information Science, Information and Communication Technology, Social Informatics)
  • Stewart Mohr (Knowledge Management, Information Science)
  • Smaranda Muresan (Natural Language Processing, Digital Libraries)
  • Mor Naaman (Social Media, Mobile, Multimedia, Location-Based Information)
  • Daniel O. O'Connor (Information Science)
  • Lilia Pavlovsky (Information Science, Social Computing, Distance Learning)
  • Marie L. Radford (Interpersonal/Small Group Communication)
  • Tefko Saracevic (Information Science)
  • Jorge Reina Schement (Communication, Information Science, Latino-Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Public Policy)
  • Chirag Shah (Information Seeking, Social Media)
  • Anselm Spoerri (Information Science)
  • Ross J Todd (Information Science)
  • Jana Varlejs (Information Science)
  • Nina Wacholder (Natural Language Processing, Information Access, Organizing Information, Information Systems)
  • Xiangmin Zhang (Information Science)

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