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Miscellaneous Profanity

NSB'er NSB'er refers to the Nationaal Socialistische Beweging (the Dutch WWII era Nazi party). It is generally used for someone who betrays someone's actions to authorities.
smeerlap Smeerlap (literally: "grease rag") can be used to mean "pervert".
sukkel Sukkel is a relatively mild insult, typically aimed at boys and men. The meaning of this word can be compared to "wimp", "dork", or "schlemiel". It was originally Frysian.
sul Sul is a relatively mild insult, typically aimed at boys and men. The meaning of this word can be compared to "wimp", "dork", or "schlemiel". Its etymology is unclear.
vreten Vreten is a rude form of the verb "to eat". It is often used in combination with other words, such as in spaghettivreter.
vuil Vuil means "filth" or "filthy". It can be used to intensify an insult, for example in the common expression "vuile tyfushoer" ("filthy typhoid whore"). "Stuk vuil" ("piece of filth") is also in use, although it is less common.
wijf Wijf is a common insult aimed at women. It originally simply meant "woman" (compare English "wife"). It can easily be combined with other curse words, leading to common forms such as kutwijf, kankerwijf and rotwijf, but also viswijf (wife of the fisherman, fishwife). The first three resembling the use of bitch in the English language, the latter referring to an uncivilized and excessively loud woman. This is because in order to sell the fish it was, and sometimes still is, loudly praised by the person selling it on the fish market.
zooi Zooi and its diminutive zooitje mean "mess". It can be used to intensify an expletive, for example in the common expressions teringzooi and kankerzooi. The variation rotzooi(tje) (literally: "rotten mess"), however, is fairly neutral and not commonly seen as profanity. Sanders and Tempelaars (1998) additionally note the use of krijg de kankerzooi ("get the cancer-mess").

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Famous quotes containing the word profanity:

    Nothing, neither acceptance nor prohibition, will induce a child to stop swearing overnight. Teach your child respect for himself and others, that profanity can hurt, offend, and disgust, and you’ll be doing the best you can...And save your parental giggling over mispronounced curses for after the children’s bedtime.
    Jean Callahan (20th century)