Scary Go Round - Notable Chapters

Notable Chapters

Looks, Brains and Everything
While trying to investigate a murder, Shelley, the protagonist, gets murdered herself. Later, after being raised from the dead as a zombie, the chapter follows her being undead, with a bit of brain-eating.
Tim and Fallon go to Romania to stop the nefarious doings of the evil Dr. Petrescu. Amy's secret attraction for Tim is discovered.
Ballad of the Man
Ryan finally meets his lady, Natalie. However, his elderly landlady and her associates do not think much of her, believing that she is a succubus, and arrange to have her killed in an explosion.
Bad Religion
Fallon, with the help of Hugo, endeavors to save a depressed Ryan from being brainwashed and sold into white slavery by a cult as well as survive an encounter with a Devil Bear formerly owned by Jimi Hendrix on the Isle of Wight.
Count My Toes
Rachel convinces a local gang that a woman they are looking for has dyed her hair orange and now looks exactly like Shelley, leading to the latter's tragic (and gruesome) death. While waiting in line to get into Heaven, Shelley meets the recently deceased Natalie, who shows her the ropes in purgatory.
Time Teapot
Shelley and Amy travel to 1840 via the titular teapot, an invention of Tim's which they have stolen. Wacky Victorian hijinks ensue.
The Child
The mysterious Child's declaration that "Things are going to change!" leads to many changes around Tackleford, among them the comic's shift of focus to the local high school, where many stories in 2005 and 2006 have been set, and a few small changes in drawing style.
The Election
Tim runs for mayor of Tackleford.
Shelley is kidnapped by the League of Enemies, who try to undermine Tim's administration by cloning a zombie version of Shelley and setting her loose in Tackleford.
A plot on the part of Tackleford High School's administrators to remove The Boy and Esther's class from existence in order to budget instant coffee has unforeseen consequences.
Battle of the Bands
A talent show at the local high school features many unusual musical acts.
Beyond the Veil
Ryan decides to find out how Natalie is doing in the afterlife, but is unaware of what awaits him...
Big Ideas
Tim is challenged to an Invent-Off by a local professor Dai Davies, who turns out to be backed by sinister forces.
Giant Days
Dark Esther and The Boy travel to Wales to convince Tim to return; The Boy begins a relationship with and loses his virginity to Dark Esther; Shelley attempts revenge against Prof. Davies; Erin accidentally drinks the Professor's "get-massive" potion.
Aw Hell
Fallon finally escapes from the Prisoner-style village she has been trapped in, and enlists Shelley and Amy to locate the missing Ryan. Rachel and Tessa return.
Super Crisis Quests
The Devil recruits Bob Crowley to help unleash a demonic army on the world. Shelley organizes the "Super Best Friends Society" and consults the duplicitous (and foul-smelling) Mother Shipton to prevent the end of the world. This chapter effectively writes Erin Winters out of the comic.

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Scary Go Round - Notable Chapters
... Later, after being raised from the dead as a zombie, the chapter follows her being undead, with a bit of brain-eating ... This chapter effectively writes Erin Winters out of the comic ...

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